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Our Trainers!

Megan Lacourse, Owner/Group Fitness Trainer/RCRT

Alternating Monday 545am, Mondays at 9am, 6:15pm

Wednesdays 5:45am, 9am, 6:15pm

Thursdays 6:15pm

Fridays 9am

Reflexology by appointment only. Please see "Reflexology" tab on this website. 

Thea Cockerton, Group Fitness Trainer/Sunrise Fit,

Alternating Mondays 5:45am

Friday at 5:45am

Thea and Megan will be interchangeable through July and August, 2019, allowing them both some flexibility over the summer.  

Longevity Health and Wellness

Megan Lacourse, Owner/Trainer/RCRT

You can click the Facebook shortcut above to be sent directly to our Facebook page and send us a message, or call or text 250.703.6545. We can also be reached at PO Box 994, Cumberland, BC V0R 1S0